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Reason #46: WeblogPoMo Fo Sho!

Today is the first day of #WeblogPoMo2024, so I thought "What better way to celebrate than to revive a series that only a few people read, and even fewer actually liked?"

The fact I've been in a bit of a content drought recently isn't a secret, I could make a million reasons like getting a new job, or the long commutes meaning I'm up early and home late, or that I'm just plain lazy.

WeblogPoMo is my excuse to get back to what I managed to do when I first did The Reason, forcing myself to be creative in a way that is more about the act of creating art and not the art itself. As I said back in Reason 6:

"99% of the writing I do is more for me than anyone else. If others happen to be along for the ride and enjoying it, that's great too!"

So this is more of an announcement than an actual blog post, but I have some ideas I've been wanting to get out of my brain and onto my screen for a while!

Is this a bit late? Sure, but also: As this goes live it's 23:45 at the International Date Line, so surely I'm actually just the one who's the most committed to this?

Today was a 7/10

This post is part of a series called "The Reason". I haven't committed to living forever, but I find a reason to live for one more day every day. Read the rest of the series here.

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