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Reason #47: Chelsea 2 - 0 Tottenham Hotspur, 02/04/2024

Disclaimer: This post is about sports, and may contain some searing hot takes. Feel free to skip it.

Let me start this by saying I like football. I enjoy watching it when it's on free-to-air TV (I refuse to pay the insane prices for Sky Sports, and you need about 6 streaming services to get all of the games), I enjoy having a kick-about with friends in a park, I'm even planning on going to Germany because Georgia has qualified for a major international tournament for the first time in their history! As part of this, I go to a few games a year.

As a Chelsea fan, this isn't just another game. Spurs are our biggest rivals, and after what has been a... tricky... season, we can make it all better again by sealing the double over them. In a somewhat flattering scoreline, the reverse fixture ended: Tottenham Hotspur 1 - 4 Chelsea. Famously, Spurs have only ONCE in their history won at Stamford Bridge, they lost 16 years straight between 1990 - 2006, and as everyone knows: "Tottenham get battered, everywhere they go"

The chant comes from the fact that over the last 32 years, and across 127 games against the rest of the "traditional" Top 5 of Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Liverpool, whilst away from home, Spurs have won just NINE of those games.

It was with that confidence I went with a friend who was much more interested in seeing Spurs lose than he cared about Chelsea winning, and what a night it was! We ate good food in the hospitality, saw some great (and terrible) football being played, and had an overall lovely evening. Couldn't have gone any better!

Today was a 9/10

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