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What I Want

The word "Want" on a shop window"

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

Inspired by a conversation I had with Adam.

I really want better tech habits.

I want to use a better email provider than Gmail, but I use the rest of GSuite and I then have to find an alternative way of using YouTube (and it becomes just another gmail account anyway).

I want to have a super repairable and powerful laptop like the Framework but it came out at the wrong time so buying a new laptop now would just be silly. Environmentally, the best laptop is the one you already have.

I want a more repairable phone like the Fairphone but I'm also a fricking tech nerd and I know every time I drop one frame in an animation or I take a photo that's a little blurry I'll blame the phone. Also - it's more expensive than flagship phones not because it's actually more expensive, but because you HAVE to buy it outright and directly from them so no trade-in discount or contract to spread the cost.

I want to use PorkBun (or another actually human-first domain registrar), but moving the like 12 domains over would require adding a year to them all simultaneously, or having them spread over multiple services.

I want to build my own server rack, with a NAS box, and hard-wired security cameras that never need to be charged, and with ethernet running to every room in the house. But doing that would cost an insane amount of money, require way more short-term time than I already have, and would be more intensive from a learning standpoint than just buying some Ring cameras, using a Synology NAS, and having okay Wi-Fi to the full house.

The reality is what I want and what I want to want are two different things. As much as I am an idealist in saying I want to use services and products which support both small (or ethical) businesses and the environment, the reality is that I want to use products and services that are on the cutting edge, or the cheapest, or the easiest for me right now.

The question is, does that make me a hypocrite, or does it make me human?

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