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This week, I launched a new site! At midnight on Monday, Prami Partners came into the world.

What is Prami Partners?

Prami Partners is a community-run gift exchange, specifically for users. Adam has done an incredible job of creating a community around the site, partially thanks to, along with the Discord server.

I speak with lots of super interesting people almost every day, and I thought it would be neat to give back to the community! There is a guide price of $30/€30 for any gifts, but that's the only major rule. If you have any questions, chances are it's in the FAQ, and if it's not, you're always welcome to reach out directly!

Unfortunately, it is only for those with an account. This is partially because I wanted to give back to this specific community, but also because running an event like this requires a lot of trust. You're handing over your personal details to a stranger and trusting that they won't abuse that information.

That being said - if you're not currently using, I can't recommend it enough! At $20 per year it is an absolute STEAL, so get yourself an address that comes with: A profile page, a weblog, access to a Mastodon instance, and more, if you want to join in!

I'd love to join in, but I can't afford $30 + Shipping.

I get it. If you can't quite hit the $30 but can afford something a little less, think about how you could maybe find the perfect gift! After all, $30 is just a guide. Maybe you knit and can spend some time making a custom piece, maybe you read their prompt and find the perfect gift, or maybe you find a retailer in their country to deliver directly to them, saving both time and money!

If it's still too much, I'm pleased to say that there are some plans in the pipeline for future Prami Partner events that are less wallet intensive, be it Postcard Partners, or if you're wary of sharing your personal information: Prompt Partners! There's a lot coming down the road, and I can't wait for you to see it all.

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