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New Year, New Tired

A Photograph showing the year "2024"

Photo by Eyestetix Studio on Unsplash

Last year, I made a post titled "New Year, Same Tired". It was a post about how, even though we were going into a new year, I felt an amount of emotional tiredness, which has been lingering for the last few years.

I talked about how everything felt exhausting and how I was going into 2023 with an amount of scepticism I don't normally hold. Well, 2023... happened, and honestly, having somehow made it through, I feel infinitely more confident about my 2024.

Reflecting on 2023

I haven't hidden how hard 2023 was for me; if you want to know more, you can go through this blog and find many posts talking about my struggles. That being said, it has also been a year of change. I got a degree and am now working full-time in a job that I find both challenging and exciting. There were many downs and ups, but I got through it and am ready to dust myself off and hit 2024 with full force.

Sure, I still feel tired, but now it's a different kind of tired. The tiredness comes from a busy week of problem-solving and hard but ultimately fulfilling work. I've had the last week off work, and taking time to relax and reset has been invaluable. Sure, I haven't gotten as much personal work done over that break as I'd have liked, but the reality is that the rest was much more important.

I guess that means I'm heading into 2024 feeling hopeful in a way I wasn't about 2023. Let's see what it brings!

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