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Convert a Spotify Account From Facebook to Email Login

This is a post ripped directly from Robb Knight's Blog with permission from Robb. This is because it was potentally maliciously reported as phishing. Fuck Facebook.

This morning I tweeted that there's no way to convert a Spotify account from Facebook login to email and password login. I even spoke to Spotify support who said:

"As your account was created via Facebook, it can't be unlinked. Don't worry, we can free up your email address so you can create a new account. Once that's done, we'll transfer all of your tunes and student details across."

I complained about this in one the Slack groups I'm in, and Nathaniel suggested I try doing a "forgot password" to set a password on the account and it worked. After that I was able to disconnect Spotify from the Facebook settings page.

  1. On the Spotify website, log out
  2. Go to the login page and choose "forgot password" and use the email associated with your Facebook account
  3. Reset your password from the email link
  4. Disconnect Spotify in Facebook
  5. Log in with your new password

The above steps that I followed have also been confirmed to work by Wade.

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